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How to get ready for Black Friday and Christmas? Smart Bidding will help

The biggest and most successful seasons are approaching. Whether it’s Black Friday or Christmas, you need to be prepared. One of the ways is to set up Smart Bidding for this season as well.

This year, however, the season may be different, mainly due to COVID-19, as everyone is shopping online.

If your conversion rate increases by 30% in less than three days, you should switch to seasonality.

What strategy to choose for Smart Bidding?

As you know, Smart Bidding is a form of automation that can not only improve your results thanks to Google algorithms but also save you time. In addition, it can handle frequent or sudden changes in demand and requirements, especially during seasonality.

Attract new customers

If you use Smart Shopping campaigns, you have the opportunity to use the so-called “NCA” goal. This means that Smart Shopping will be optimized to gain as many new customers as possible in addition to online sales.

Omnichannel optimization

You can also use Smart Bidding with visits to your store, which can help your flexibility. You can also maximize total sales by combining online sales and in-store sales.

Pay only for conversions

One option is to pay not for clicks, but directly for conversions. You will only pay when customers convert.

Choose your budget and goals

If you’ve already decided which strategy to use, it’s important to set the right budgets and goals to achieve.

You can focus on ROAS (return on investment) or clicks. It all depends on what is more advantageous for your business.

When set up correctly, Google should be able to meet your goals, which you can adjust while your campaign is running. In addition, you can take advantage of the “Recommendations page”, where Google recommends options for moving unused budgets, increasing your budget, or adjusting your budget to meet seasonal demand.

You also have the option to implement shared budgets in multiple campaigns. We recommend that you use this option for Search campaigns that have the same goal, to ensure even more effectiveness for your campaigns.

What other tips do we have for seasonality?

  1. If your goals change, consider adjusting the CPA / ROAS to gain more market share. As an example, if you want to be more competitive in auctions, you can increase your cost-per-click or ROAS.
  2. If you want to increase your bids and expenses, you can increase your CPA or decrease your ROAS goals.
  3. For Search campaigns where your campaign will be active for less than a week (Black Friday), consider target-based strategies such as Target CPA or Target ROAS.
  4. For Shopping campaigns, we recommend that you do not set up Target ROAS if this campaign will run for less than two weeks.
  5. If your Display campaign will run for at least a week, consider using a strategy to maximize conversions for the best short-term performance.

We firmly believe that you will manage this season and bring your business as many conversions as possible.

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