• How to use Google Text Ads in Display Network

How to use Google Text Ads in Display Network

Varieties of text ads, known from Google Search Network, can be used also in Display Network, hence in various webs and applications that are using Google Ads. Display Network is actually created by two million of webs and more than 650 000 of applications. All these are places where you can engage with your potential customers.

How do these ads work? Just select a format, upload materials and create the ad. Select where to display it. You should know your potential customers and target the ad precisely. At last, set a budget you have to engage with these people.

Google text Ads : Types of Ads in the Display Network

For ads in the Google Display Network, we distinguish several types:

Responsive ads

Responsive ads are automatically being adjusted accordingly to its placement. This ad type is easy to create. Simply upload the materials (pictures, titles, logos, descriptions – even more types) and Google will then automatically generate an ad that will be displayed.

There are several benefits of these ads. If you upload several materials, system will generate their most efficient combination due to the performance. Size, design and format will be adjusted to a specific placement. Somewhere as a native banner ad, elsewhere as a dynamic text ad. You may connect this type of ads with your personal database for dynamic remarketing support.

Standard text ads

This type is no longer available in the Display Network to create, nor recreate. Anyhow, the original ones will continue to be displayed. If you have them, delete them, and rather opt for the responsive ads type, that will be more beneficial for your business.

Expanded text ads

Expaned Text Ads (ETA) are accustomed standard Google text ads, we wrote about before. The only distinction is in displaying. ETA might have different layout of the description or might be displayed in different format.

Just as in the standard text ads, you can add up to three titles, two descriptions and adjusted URL.

Dynamic text ads

These are Google text ads in remarketing campaigns, that are linked up with the data about products in Google Merchant Center. This type will bring you even closer to your customers that have already came across your web or application, and it will introduce them concrete products from your offer. It will help you lead your customers back, for they to finish what they started.

Visual formats

No matter the type of the ad you choose, its final displaying might vary depending on the placement. The changes vary from the allowing/disabling these formats:

Native formats

As for this type of format, the layout of your ad will be automatically adjusted to the webpage and placement of display. This applies especially to the colors and design, but it may shorten the description as well. It is up to you, whether you will allow such adjustments or not.

Image formats

This format includes the possibility to add a logo, or third-party pictures, to increase the performance of your ad. It can also be a picture of your product. This format is, indeed, voluntary, and it depends on you, if you will allow it or not.

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