How we helped Ecomod with Performance campaigns

Ecomod is a well-known Romanian Marketplace with over 10 years of e-commerce experience. The portal offers more than 50,000 products from various merchants with a focus on furniture and home & garden accessories. Ecomod focuses mainly on merchants who sell their products online, expand their business, and at the same time, they offer additional services to increase their sales.

Ecomod choose the BlueWinston tool primarily for creating Performance Max campaigns. This type of campaign is the best choice for the given segment in terms of performance and price per conversion.

They created campaigns with the entire assortment and did not filter different products, but targeted advertising on all offered products in the portfolio.

For better optimization, P. Max campaigns were divided according to the largest categories:

  • House and garden
  • Furniture
  • Other products

Why should you create Performance Max campaigns through BlueWinston?

1. Effortless filtering of products:

2. Advanced filtering and combination of different filters:

  • min/max price
  • min/max sale price
  • margin value setting
  • min/max margin
  • combination – Product Type / Brand / Condition / Channel

3. Simple creation of Assets

4. Automatic scripts for immediate campaign optimization

How we helped Ecomod with Performance campaigns

If you created the Performance Max campaign you already know that there aren’t that many ways to optimize it. Compared to standard Shopping campaigns the Performance Max campaigns don’t have keywords, search terms, or negative keywords.

That’s why we wrote down some tips for optimizing Pmax 🙂

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