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Make your customers feel safer in your e-shop

Despite the fact that shopping on the Internet saves a lot of time, the customer are still struggling with one aspect that cannot be assured as much as in physical stores – security. On the Internet, it is easier to deceive a customer than when shopping in a physical stire, and despite increasing safety standards, this feeling is to overcome.

Creating a secure environment on the Internet is not an easy task. Due to various hackers, information leaks, or fraud, people are becoming increasingly wary of their online activities. To achieve the success of your online business, you need to build an environment for your potential customers where they feel safe. Here are some tips on how to do it…

Transparency comes first

Provide your customers with the most detailed information about your e-shop. The more information they have, the more confidence you build. Of particular importance is the provision of contacts or contact forms through which customers can contact you at any time.

You can also publish information about your e-shop in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), for which you will create a separate subpage on your website that is easy to find. Pay attention to the way of shipping, the length of order processing, suppliers, or the specifics of your e-shop that differentiate you from the competitors.

Notify about the personal data privacy

For transparency, pay special attention to the protection of personal data. According to GDPR, you must not only inform your customers in detail about the processing of personal data, but also ask them for consent. Tell them what data and why you collect and who will use it.

Explain the return policy

Another particularly important point in transparency is to make your customers aware of the possibility of returning goods. It is understandable that you do not want people to return the goods to you, but if they decide to do so, they must have detailed instructions on how to do it.

With a clear return policy, customers will feel safer when they buy it, as they will see that you stand behind the product and make a serious business.

Let customers write reviews

In the online world, customers do not have the opportunity to physically try out your goods or observe your behavior before the purchase. So, the most trustworthy thing to do is to provide other customers’ reviews and experiences with your services. Your job is to provide such services that you obtain as many good feedbacks as possible. When customers read about the experiences of others, they won’t be afraid to make a purchase in your e-shop.

You need to respond to reviews as soon as possible, so you need to know where people can post them. If you feel that there aren’t many reviews in spite of high conversions, remind your customers to write one after purchase. For example, by email.

Many people write reviews only if they were disappointed with the services. Do not respond aggressively to negative reviews, remain calm and humble. If necessary, make a mistake or suggest a solution to the problem.

Credit card security

PCI DSS is an international security standard for collecting and processing credit card data. By meeting the standard, you will prove that you care about the security of your clients and that you have taken all the necessary steps so they feel safe with you. It is also a key measure if you want to receive credit and debit card payments.

Quality web design

The investment in quality design of your e-shop pays off. Poor design sites look less trustworthy and discourage people from purchase. The same is true of the excessive amount of pop-up windows that distract the customer. The advantage in this respect are especially responsive designs that will ensure that your e-shop will have user-friendly design on every device.

Purchasing in the e-shop should be simple and intuitive for the customer, without unnecessary distractions and clicking through unnecessary pages.

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