Manual extensions for Google Ads – How to use them

In our previous blog, we showed you the difference between automatic and manual extensions. When we talk generally about extensions for Google ads, we are mostly referring to the manual ones you add to your ads. Depending on how you use them, these elements can both help your ad and cause considerable harm. What do you need to know about them?

We’ve already explained what extensions for Google Ads are and what role they play in your advertising. Today we’ll introduce specific manual extensions that you can use to enrich your ad. As you will see, there are plenty of them. However, that doesn’t mean you have to use them all – on the contrary, if you do, your ad’s Quality Score may suffer.

A rule of thumb: When using Google ad extensions, make sure they’re relevant to your ad content and are helping achieve your goal. Not to get lost in it, we’ve written down a list of available extensions and cases where you can use them:

Location extensions

Do you have a store where people can physically find you and your products? Add the address to your ad! Your ad will appear with a map that users can click on to plan a trip to you. The address can also be displayed without a map as a separate link. The map will open after clicking the link.

However, keep in mind that ad content should also encourage people to visit you and therefore encourage people to make offline purchases at your store.

How do I add location extension? 

Affiliate address extensions

You don’t have a physical store but your products are sold by retailers? You can also add their addresses to your ad to navigate people to the nearest store where they can buy your products. As in the previous case, your ad should aim to convince people to buy offline.

How do I add affiliate addresses? 

Callout extensions

Callouts serve to attract customers by highlighting the unique or special features of your e-shop. It is additional text that appears below the ad. For example, you can stress the free delivery of your products or 24/7 customer support. If you have a store, encourage people to visit you today.

The wording of the descriptions should be as specific and concise as possible. At the same time, it should be universal for the entire account, that is, for any ad you create under its header.

How do I set callout extensions? 

Call extensions

This extension allows you to add a phone number to your ads. If your ad´s goal is to make people call you, add it to your ad so customers can contact you directly with one click. You can set the availability of your phone number based on your business hours.

How do I add a call extension? 

Message extensions

If the goal of your ad is to make people reach you directly, you can also use the text messaging. After you enter your phone number, people will be able to write text messages that you can respond to either your phone number or email, depending on your preferences.

How do I add a text message extension? 

Sitelink extensions

If you have sitelinks in your e-shop that may be attractive to customers, add them to your ad using sitelinks. You can also link it to profiles related to your e-shop – like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

How do I add a sitelink extension? 

Structured snippet extensions

Structured snippets help customers get a better overview of the offered services and products. Unlike the descriptions, you can add them at a lower level to differentiate between specific campaigns or ad groups.

When setting them up, you can get inspired by categories and their subcategories on your website. Also, snippets must be closely related to the content of your ad in order not to negatively impact your Quality Score.

How do I set up a structured snippet extension? 

Price extensions

You can place different products with their prices in your ad. Customers will be able to view them and if they are interested in a particular product, they can get directly to its website in your e-shop by clicking on it. You need to create a separate extension for each product.

How do I create a price extension? 

Promotion extensions

With the promo extension, you can pick up products that are currently on sale. This way, users will immediately see that they are most likely to find desired product much more cheaper in your e-shop than in the others.

How do I create a promo extension? 

App extensions

If you have an app, encourage people to download it and continue shopping through it. This extension is available for Android or iOS mobile devices.

How do I create an app extension? 

As you can see, Google really offers a number of ways you can enhance your ad and improve its performance. However, please note that you may not use all of the offered extensions. If the extensions you use are unrelated to your ad content, this may have impact on your Quality Score. Among other things, low Quality Score worsens your position in the auction and overall ad credibility. Therefore, use only extensions that are directly related to your ad content and help you achieve the goal you’re pursuing.

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