• Microsoft Audience Ads – get high-quality traffic

Microsoft Audience Ads – get high-quality traffic

What are Microsoft Audience Ads?

In this article we would like to tell you more about Microsoft Audience Ads, and how best to utilize this advertising option through Microsoft Ads.

Microsoft Audience Ads is a performance marketing solution for advertisers who want to target their ideal audience and increase their advertising return on investment (ROI). This type of campaign allows advertisers to display highly relevant ads to an audience that is ready to convert.

Microsoft Audience Ads appear in many places – in Bing search, on the MSN network, on LinkedIn, Netflix, and other networks.

You can learn more about Microsoft Audience Ads on the official Microsoft website – Microsoft Audience Network – Microsoft Advertising.

Why to use Microsoft Audience Ads?

Thanks to the integration of numerous networks, publishers, and platforms into the Microsoft advertising system, you can target your content advertising very precisely. Campaigns use advanced AI algorithms, deep audience intelligence, and are based on interests, demographics, behavior, and other user data.

Subsequently, you can approach users with your offer at the right time. Among all the networks and publishers, let’s mention the most important ones:

  • Search – Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia
  • Social Networks – LinkedIn
  • Gaming – Xbox, Microsoft Casual Gamers

  • Native / display / video – MSN, Outlook, Edge

  • Retail media – Office Depot, Kohl’s, The Home depot
  • CTV – Netflix, Max, Pluto TV, Rakuten TV

The Microsoft Advertising advantage

Regarding targeting, of course, it depends on the country. For instance, video ads and CTV are not available in all countries. You can view the current list of countries where video ads are available on the Microsoft website.

A vast ecosystem where people spend time at work and in their free time

In your campaigns, you can utilize the unique audience insights collected by Microsoft. Take advantage of billions of first-party permissioned data, gathered from numerous sources, to reach your best customers.

Unique audience intelligence that's only possible with Microsoft

Microsoft obtains and intelligently processes user data from sources such as:

As a result, Microsoft can target users very precisely and present your offer to them at the right time and on the right platform.

Microsoft targets people who are ready to buy

For campaigns to be successful, it’s best to reach out to users who are ready to make a purchase. This relates to the type of users we can engage through the Microsoft advertising system. Let’s take a brief look at the demographics of users in Microsoft Advertising. For instance, we see that 49% of users have purchased a product or service in the last week.

Demographic overview of Microsoft Advertising users

Another study by Microsoft suggests that users have a conversion rate that’s up to 52% higher when using desktop devices compared to mobile devices. We can leverage this by giving a higher preference for displaying ads on desktop devices.

Ad Formats

Regarding advertising formats, it’s good to follow the customer’s journey and start with Image, Video, and CTV formats.

Customers are initially in the phase of getting to know an e-shop, product, or service. Hence, it’s suitable at this stage to visually show them various benefits (product advantages, the benefit of shopping in the e-shop, etc.). In this phase, Audience Ads are used, including Microsoft CTV Ads, Microsoft video ads, Microsoft Image ads, and Microsoft Product ads.

For different types of ads, you can use different targeting and various bidding strategies. You can see this in the following image:

Types of ads and bidding strategies

When a customer is considering purchasing a product, they search for more detailed information on the Bing search engine. In this phase, we use Microsoft Search Ads. From a product sales perspective, Product Ads are the most important.

Product Ads

Microsoft Product Ads

Product ads aim to target users who are searching for specific products – these users are in the final stage of purchasing.

Shopping and Performance Max campaigns utilize a myriad of signals and data from many networks and platforms to ensure your ads are displayed to the most accurate users.

It’s similar to Google Ads, where Shopping and P. Max campaigns yield the most conversions. As an addition, we recommend using Product Text Campaigns.

It’s best to set up Shopping Ads with dynamic remarketing to target users who have already visited your e-shop but didn’t make a purchase. Dynamic remarketing is part of Audience Ads, which you can also use.

Currently, you can launch Shopping campaigns and Smart Shopping campaigns through Microsoft Ads, and soon you’ll be able to start Performance Max campaigns.

Create your Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaigns in BlueWinston and achieve higher performance.

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