Microsoft Audience Network and its benefits

Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) is an innovative display advertising platform from Microsoft. It brings revolutionary possibilities in the creation of advertising campaigns in the Microsoft network, which includes Microsoft Edge, Outlook and MSN. This network allows advertisers to effectively and accurately reach the desired target group.

Thanks to MSAN’s ability to advertise on multiple devices and platforms, it allows precise targeting of the audience. It is based on their interests, behavior and demographics.

Advertising in Microsoft Ads and MSAN

The Microsoft Advertising Network is made up of search ads and audience ads. Search advertising shows ads that best match the keyword you enter. While audience advertising shows the best ads for individuals.

MSAN offers several types of advertising formats:

  • image

  • video

  • information channel

Advantages of Microsoft Audience Network

The aforementioned MSAN platform offers many ways to create advertising campaigns. It allows you to integrate existing ads from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or from internet browsers such as Google. Advertisers can also focus on creating a completely new campaign.

Microsoft Audience Network is the easiest way to expand the reach of a running advertising campaign. You can also find your audience on sites that make up the MSAN network, such as and Microsoft Edge. It thus offers many options and opportunities to target the target group.

MSAN offers a wide range of tools for creators. Collaboration with the Shutterstock library gives advertisers access to a database of 300 million images. It contains tools with built-in smart effects that offer the ability to crop images in addition to effects. A great advantage is the possibility of measuring the performance of advertisements. Sophisticated analytical tools allow advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns. They can analyze user behavior and optimize strategies for maximum return.

Price per advertisement

Advertisers can choose from price offers – cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPV) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). It depends on which type of pricing suits the goals and requirements of their campaign. The bid represents the maximum price that advertisers are able to pay for an advertisement.


What does it all mean? The Microsoft Audience Network platform is a versatile tool that is also affordable. It offers a wide range of options for targeting the desired audience in the digital advertising world. With its benefits, it is an indispensable helper for the successful implementation of an online marketing campaign. If you are as excited about this platform as we are, we recommend reading the article “10 reasons why Microsoft Audience Network is a must-buy” from Microsoft.

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