• Optimize DSA campaigns with the best practices from Google

How to optimize dynamic search ads?

What are Dynamic Product Ads and what are they used for?

Dynamic Ads help advertisers transport ads to the exact users who are interested in their particular offer. They are suitable for advertisers who offer a larger number of products in the offer of e-shops, due to the fact that DSA uses content from the web for targeting. Therefore, DSAs do not use keywords. The headlines and pages of your products are automatically populated from your landing pages, all you need to do is ad descriptions.

Why is it important to optimize Dynamic Search Ads and what can we gain?

Because your headlines are automatically generated in descriptions, you need to convince a potential customer that you’re the one who is right, and if they convert for you, they may come back to you next time, and even more, they’ll recommend you to their friends. Great, isn’t it?

DSA optimalization

How and why is it important to create groups, how will they help us?

DSA targeting groups are important when searching for user behavior. For targeting use the following advice:

1. Apply your recommended product categories to target DSA – categories will be automatically generated based on your landing pages. Therefore, make sure that your landing pages remain relevant and up-to-date.

2. Produce DSA campaigns by language demand. Make sure the language matches the language of your site. One DSA campaign must be in one language. If your e-shop has several language versions, you can use DSA for other markets.


How do I map keywords?

Start by mapping queries that are relevant to you. Be sure not to exclude negative keywords to define where our ads should appear on search queries.

What are negative keywords for? Why are they important?

Negative keywords define where your search queries should not show your DSA campaigns. It is useless to display queries that are not relevant to you. Because you would also pay for what you know in advance that it will not bring you a profit.

Why and how to adjust bidding?

We recommend using CPA or ROAS smart bidding for all dynamic ad campaigns. Both bidding strategies collect conversion and performance data for your campaigns and automatically suggest the right goal.
Then continue with this automatic goal and evaluate your results after 2 weeks. Read about other bidding strategies in our article.

Why edit the Landing page?

The main element that must be up to date is your Landing page. Make sure it’s always up-to-date because your DSA campaigns are then based on it. Google searches through your landing page content and shows your ads in search results. What do you need to be most careful about?
  • correct headings of your Landing page (H1, H2, H3 ..)
  • quality and interesting content – not only in terms of content but also friendliness for the user’s eye
  • constantly updating your Landing Page so that Google sees your site as new, constantly updated, and beneficial to visitors
  • the higher the Quality Score for your site, the higher the search results will appear, and the better your ad will perform

What should it look like and what should it contain?

  1. Properly structured headings
  2. Quality and interesting content
  3. Updated information
  4. Landing page attractive to the user’s eye
  5. New interesting content (e.g. rating)
dynamic search ads

What should captions look like?

Captions should include the names of your products, ideally:

descriptive name + model / brand

Need help setting up your DSA campaigns? Write to us and our support team will be happy to help you.

In one of our blogs  we already spoke about how to use DSA campaigns effectively. Now we bring you additional four areas, which you can optimize with the best practices from Google and so get the best results.

¬† 1. Use your users’ behavior to target your DSA campaigns efficiently

Proper targeting of campaigns and ads is always very important. In DSA campaigns you can use dynamic ad targets. These targets are customized based on the contend of your website and therefore help you to achieve the best possible targeting of your campaign.

To get even more efficient targeting, you have to know your customers. Google Analytics provide you with a helping hand in this way. For instance, when you find out that your website is being visited by people from different countries, create separate DSA campaign for each of their languages.

For DSA campaign you can create an all-website auto target. This way you can cover the most relevant demands for your web. Via page feed, there is also an option to target on exact pages that are most important to you. Certain targets will need additional customization to get more responses from people. You can make this customizing easier thanks to ad groups.

Over time, you’ll see which search queries are most effective in your DSA campaigns. Not to lose this efficiency, do not add these queries as keywords in other campaigns.

2. Exclude areas that should not be covered by DSA campaigns

To reach even better return on investment (ROI), you have to exclude some pages or keywords. In the case of pages focus on those which content does not lead to transactions/conversions (such as page with contact information or product that is currently out of stock).

In the case of keywords exclude those that are not important for your potential visitors or have not proved successful before. If you have excluded particular keywords in any of the other campaigns, exclude them in DSA campaigns as well. This will prevent DSA from covering those missing unsuccessful keywords.

3. Get the best results with auto-bidding and RLSA

Smart bidding is a set of automated strategies that know how to optimize for each bid. Automated bidding then works well with automated reach of DSA that helps you to maximize your results.

Another possibility how to maximize the results are RLSA. If your potential customers visited your website, engage with them again by customized bids thanks to remarketing lists for search ads. This feature will tailor your ads and bids.

4. Optimize your website for your ads

Finally, do not forget to optimize your website for DSA campaigns. Here we are speaking, for instance, about customizing the page titles or page information. The titles of pages often appear in automated ad titles and should be therefore representative and provide enough information.

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