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Pneumatiky-brno.cz | How to create product campaigns for a specific location?

Pneumatiky-brno.cz is an e-shop that deals with car tires and batteries in the Czech Republic. This e-shop serves the company only as a secondary sales platform. As far as profits are concerned the most significant thing for the company is the service and replacement of tires in the spring and autumn seasons.


Mevia.cz – PPC specialist Libor Tušar created the product campaigns for Pneumatiky-brno.cz using the BlueWinston automation tool. The agency specializes not only in website and e-shops creation but also in online marketing. They place emphasis on automating the process of PPC campaign creation using scripts and third-party tools.

For e-shops with thousands of items, BlueWinston is definitely the right choice. It will help automate the creation of text campaigns, but it will also help with the creation of Smart campaigns. When managing them, automation in the form of useful scripts is helpful, which can be set up in detail by a PPC specialist. The application environment is user-friendly, but it is good to first click everything and ideally go through the environment using a video conference with BlueWinston support. If you do not have the time or technical skills, I will be happy to help you create campaigns via BlueWinston.
Libor Tušar, PPC & SEO specialist, Mevia

Assignment – Campaign goal

Create and optimize product campaigns so that CoS is less than 10%. This is the default percentage that e-shops achieve in this segment when they use well-tuned product campaigns.

Campaign structure

After testing a variety of campaigns the next structure worked really well for us:

  • Google Smart Shopping – car tires
  • Google Smart Shopping – car batteries
  • Product text campaign – car batteries
  • Product text campaign – car tires
  • Group text campaign – car tires

As you can see the campaigns were divided so that we could do the setup for car tires and car batteries campaigns separately. Each campaign was unique. They all had a separate budget, targeting, bidding strategy, etc.

Campaign targeting

As this is a local company based in the Czech Republic, we chose the area targeting. For this targeting area, Google Ads detected 842 000 users.

We used the following setting for every campaign:

How were the keywords and URL addresses created?

In product and group text ads we chose the exact method of keyword creation using the names of products in the XML feed.

For example for product 215/60R16 99H, Continental, CONTI WINTER CONTACT TS 830 P we created these keywords.

In this case, the user got directly to the selected product in the e-shop.

The keyword creation process in the group text campaign is similar to the one in the product text campaign, the difference is that one keyword is valid for more than one product. Also, the difference between the campaigns is in the URL creation.

We added few variants (summer tires, tires for the summer season, winter tires, tires for the winter season) and we created keywords with them included:

For URL creation we used parametric search on the e-shop, and this gave us templates for the creation of the URL addresses. In order to create custom keywords and ad text, we also had to create an XML feed with tire parameters so that we could set the generation of the campaigns.

What do automated product ads look like?

The benefit of automated product ads is that they retrieve data automatically from the XML feed. This means that feed consists of the name of product, price, manufacturer, etc.

Also, this means that we can easily use tags (attributes) from the feed and almost instantly create ads for thousands of products.

The ads are shown in Google search like this:

We used Smart Shopping campaigns

Campaigns were separated by category types, but we also thought to split them into categories by season (summer and winter tires).
These Smart Shopping campaigns obtained data over time and after the optimization, they achieved CoS. Even due to the fact, that the e-shop is relatively simple the results were astonishing.

We also used the CSS program from Shopping in EU for a better CPC on Smart Shopping ads and by doing this, the e-shop gained a discount for each click up to 20%.

How did the BlueWinston tool help the e-shop?

The biggest benefit of BlueWinston is that campaigns are updated frequently (every 6 hours). For an e-shop with tires, it was really simple to create valid and exact keywords using the BlueWinston.

Since the e-shop already has a parametric search, we know how to send the user to precisely filtered products. Now we can easily create keywords with or without manufacturer in them.

BlueWinston campaigns for pneumatiky-brno.cz for now achieved profit of 500 000 Kč (circa 20 000€) and the CoS of the whole account decreased to 5,2%.


BlueWinston.com is the PPC tool that helps to automate product campaigns for Google – it is very easy to create Product Text Ads and Smart Shopping Ads. Campaigns are updated from the XML feed.

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