• Quick guide to Google Analytics #3 – How do you acquire new customers?

Quick guide to Google Analytics #3 – How do you acquire new customers?

Promotion is inherently interconnected with running an online business. But do you know, whether it helps you to acquire new customers? If you run an e-shop and don´t know the answer to this question, you should immediately change it. You can significantly affect your business and save money.

In our third blog of Google Analytics guide series, we are going to address acquisition. That is a process through which your visitors came to your webpage, how did they behave and whether they took a required action, such as purchase. These information is important mainly for the ad creation for your web and products you sell.

We chose four main reports that “Acquisition” feature offers.

So how do you acquire new customers?


1. All traffic

Thanks to this report you may observe the main sites your visitors come from. The results can be followingly compared based on the users’ behavior (bounce rate, conversions…).

2. Google ads and campaigns

Google Ads are an inherent part of majority online businesses. The orientation within them, mainly their evaluation, may be quite difficult. Google Analytics provides a way to consider the performance of your ads easier. All you have to do is connect your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts.

Next you may view the performance-related data, regarding concrete campaigns, keywords, queries, concrete hour, or even final URLs.

Campaigns can be viewed either in the same section or separately, on four levels – paid campaigns, paid keywords, organic keywords and price analysis.

Maybe you will realize that not many users are coming to your website through ads. Then you should consider optimizing them.

3. Search console

Are you curious about the performance of your webpage in organic search? Connect Google Search Console with your Google Analytics account and find out! This report will provide you with information about the queries to which your website displays, or how many times it displays generally (impressions).

At the same time, you can measure the bounce rate or conversions.

Thanks to these information you can customize the web to your customers.

4. Social

Social sites are being used by an increasing number of users. Find out how does your content behave on these websites. The results can be further compared with Google Ads. Then you will find out to which type of communication and propagation is it worth investing.

This section can be observed in several ways. In Network referrals you can find our how many visitors came to your website thanks to referral on a social site. You can see the landing page – or the very first one displayed after clicking through – as well. As a part of the behavior section, you will find out whether they have turned their visit into conversion, respectively whether they have taken the expected action. Next you can see more about plugins or users flow.

As you may have noticed, information about acquisition, as well as the other reports from Google Analytics, are worth tracking. Based on them you can create further communication and ads for your website, to acquire as many visitors and customers as possible. Real-time reports, audience reports,and reports about acquisition offer you valuable information, but that is certainly not everything Google Analytics will help you with. In our following blog we will speak more about the behavior of your page alone, as well as of the behavior of your visitors.


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