Re-engage with your visitors thanks to remarketing campaigns

Customers visited your website, viewed the product they were interested in, but left the site shortly after. Maybe your offer didn’t interest them, or they wanted to compare it with other versions… Whatever the reason, it’s worth reminding them that you exist. As we’ll show in this article, it’s not at all difficult.

Remarketing allows you to re-engage with people who have already interacted with your e-shop in some way. With customized remarketing campaigns, you strengthen your brand and strategically remind your visitors to complete a conversion (most commonly a purchase in our case) or to buy some of the other products.

Remarketing explanation

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing campaigns are based on the Google Ads Global Site Tag. This is a snippet of code that you add to the code of your e-shop pages that you should be considered when remarketing (you probably don’t want to advertise your contact page…).

The tag is then complemented by other snippets of code that represent an event. This is an event which triggers a remarketing campaign for that customer. These may vary according to your preferences ‚Äď for instance visiting a site, clicking a specific link, purchase…

Then, when a visitor arrives at your site and does an activity defined as an event, a personalized campaign will start to run. How this campaign will be formulated is up to you but remember that the person to whom it is addressed has already visited your e-shop.

Improve the overall performance of your business

Remarketing campaigns are a very valuable strategic addition to standard campaigns with which you’re trying to reach users for the first time. Here are some of their main advantages:

  • Easy ad creation
    You can use the Ad Gallery to create ads. Combining it with dynamic remarketing campaigns will create beautiful campaigns in minutes.
  • Perfect timing and targeting
    Remarketing reaches customers who have already visited your site. They have shown at least partial interest in your products and have the potential to purchase them. At the same time, you can reach them immediately after they have done this or within few days if they need to decide between different product variants, for example. This makes targeting much more accurate than in standard campaigns.
  • Customization for specific groups of people
    With remarketing lists, you can create groups of people to reach with a personalized ad. You can have more than one of these lists, so you don’t have to show all visitors the same message, only what you think is the best for the group.
  • Large-scale reach
    Re-engage with people while browsing through countless Display Network sites. Whether it’s a site unrelated to your business or your competitor’s e-shop.
  • Easy pricing
    With smart bidding, your bids are continually optimized for each auction to give you the best chance of winning and for your campaign to be more effective.
  • Well-arranged statistics
    Clear, detailed statistics are available to monitor the performance of your remarketing campaigns. This gives you an overview of when, where, and at what cost your campaigns appear. You can then customize them for even better performance.

Ways to remarket with Google Ads

  • Standard Remarketing – uses the Display Network environment
  • Dynamic Remarketing – offer products and services that people viewed in your e-shop
  • Remarketing lists for search ads – ads for people who continue to search for similar products
  • Video remarketing – advertise your products through videos
  • Customer list remarketing – use lists with the information your customers provided

Get inspired by tested strategies

One thing is to learn how remarketing works theoretically, but the other is to design a strategy beneficial to your business. We have also thought of you in this respect, and we have prepared two blogs where you can read about some of the best remarketing strategies:

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