Save time in Google Ads with these effective practices

None of us want to spend all day setting up and optimizing our ads. However, finding the right setting for your ad’s best performance can sometimes be difficult … Whether you’re just getting started with Google Ads or have some experience, we’ve put together tips and tricks on how to spend less time in Google Ads.

1. Automate

The e-commerce market is constantly growing and automation in this area is becoming necessary and crucial. This is also strongly emphasized by Google. At Google Marketing Live 2019, it was said that in the coming years, up to 30% of agencies could disappear due to insufficient automation of their processes.

How can you automate your ad?

For example, you can use Smart Shopping Campaigns or Smart Bidding directly from Google Ads.

Smart Shopping Campaigns help you, in comparison with classic Shopping Ads, to set your priorities and strategies. And with dynamic marketing, you can remind your products to the customers who have not converted yet.

Smart Bidding uses machine learning to bid the right price for your ads. Set the goal you want to achieve, and smart bidding will do the rest.

Besides, you can also use third-party tools such as our app. It is a fully automated tool for product ads creation that in many cases could not be created manually. Read the reasons why it is worth giving a chance.

2. Try ad suggestions

In addition to the above-mentioned automation, Google launched ad suggestions in 2018. These are machine-built ads that rotate with the ads you create to deliver the best possible message to potential customers. Suggestions are based on ads you’ve already created.

Read everything you need to know about ad suggestions in our older blog.

3. Use automated rules

Automated rules, or scripts, perform certain operations on your behalf – for example, setting keywords as negative, correcting the copies of your ads… There are many to find on the Internet. You can use them or inspire yourself to create the new ones to make your work easier.

4. Create a list of negative keywords and excluded ad placements

Setting negative keywords ensures that your ads won’t show for irrelevant queries. You don’t need to set them up for each ad. Create keyword lists and use them across ads and campaigns in your account.

Excluded ad placements work on a similar principle. Set up URLs or YouTube channels where you don’t want your ad to display. This will help prevent your brand from appearing in places that are irrelevant to your business or you disagree with their content. You can also apply settings across ads and campaigns in your account, which will save you time.

5. Select the correct reports and set up their displaying

In your Google Ads account, you have the ability to visualize reports (reports) that provide you with important information about how your ads or keywords are performing. Set it up so that it only shows you the data you need to reach your goals. You won’t have to spend too much time analyzing unnecessary data.

When you adopt these steps, it will take you much less time to create ads. However, time savings are mainly a result of experience and finding the optimal settings for your ads. Getting around in Google Ads and discovering all of the opportunities we regularly write about in our blogs will make your work much easier and less time consuming.

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