Three new Google Ads formats and other improvements

Google is sure to bring your products as close to the potential customers as possible, while also making it easier for you to create ads for them. That is why Google has decided to launch new Google Ads formats and several enhancements for the classic ones.

The three new ad formats that Google will launch in 2019 are based on the observed behavior of Google users and advertisers using Google Ads. Based on these experiences, the new formats will be more interactive and also available on multiple platforms. So, what formats and improvements can you look forward to?

Discover Ads

Building on the Google Feed, introduced last year, the new Discover format is based on best practices from this feed. The ad format is based on content recommended depending on what the user is currently viewing. Thus, discovering will be rewarding for the user, as he will be able to follow up on related topics and will be able to continue with it whenever a topic interests him. For example, in search of information about Sardinia, it can follow up with an ad of your travel agency that offers convenient tours there.

Ads will explain what themes they follow up so that the user does not feel that they appear randomly. They will not be based on keyword targeting. Instead, a new way of targeting will be introduced especially for Discover Ads.

They will gradually be available on different platforms – primarily Google Discover (i.e. renamed Google Feed with a new design), followed by YouTube Feed and Gmail apps.

Gallery Ads on Google Search

Get more of your content to Search with Gallery Ads, the new SEM format for ads. This interactive Google Ads format allows you to advertise a group of your products in a showcase, resp. gallery, and visually attract potential customers. So you can communicate more of what your brand offers and see what potential customers are interested in.

New Shopping Ads Experience

This new ad format will bring your products even closer to potential customers. Users will be able to discover and compare different product types directly at the new site. The results can be filtered by individual preferences or by the reviews the site will contain. Shopping will also include showcase ads, which allows you to advertise a group of similar products.

Users will then be able to purchase directly from Shopping. Google will also offer extensive support in collaboration with you. Of course, there will still be an option to purchase from your site or store.

In addition, Shopping ads will also be extended to Google Images, YouTube, or the Google Feed, where users typically seek ideas and inspiration.

In addition, new features for classic formats will grow over the course of the year. It is worth mentioning, for example, improved site targeting or a tool to easily create short video ads. We will keep you informed about their deployment and usage options.

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