New feature: Truncate up to the first product group occurrence (the longest one)

We have a new improvement for our world unique Product – Group campaigns. This campaign type is designed to create a group of products with keywords suitable for more products and the user is automatically targeted into full-text search results on eshop.

In the past, sometimes were created also too short keywords = redundant work for PPC specialist to pause them. Now we bring brand new feature – Truncate up to the first product group occurence. So, only the longest product group is created.


Example – you have these two products:

1) Nike Air Max 90 White

2) Nike Air Max 90 Black


Before – these keywords (Ad Groups) were automatically created:

[Nike Air Max 90] => this is okay

[Nike Air Max] => this may be okay, maybe not

[Nike Air] => this is too short


Now, with this new feature, only longest group keyword is created:

[Nike Air Max 90]


Result: Fewer keywords, but no short and too generic keywords = improvement for your performance!


If you want to enable further truncating and finding a shorter group of products (shorter keywords), please “untick” this checkbox!





When you choose this new feature in already created campaigns, all shorter Ad Groups and keywords will be paused during the next update to Google Ads.


This feature is by default switched on in new Product – Group campaigns with [Exact] and “Phrase” keyword match types.


Here you can see another nice example, which keywords were automatically removed thanks to this new feature:


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Account manager at BlueWinston & CCS Shopping in EU (I'm the guy responsible for the most effective PPC tool to create product text and Smart Shopping campaigns for Google Search)