Why does each seller experience a different effect of 20% discount of Google CSS partner?

When you switch your Google Merchant from Google Shopping CSS to Google Partner CSS when creating Google Shopping ads, you get up to 20% off on bids as an advantage over those advertising through Google Shopping CSS. For some retailers, this discount will take effect immediately, for others it will be less visible – what does this effect depend on?

Google responded to the fine for monopolistic behavior in the market by launching the Google Partner CSS program. Price comparators that are Google CSS partners can give up to 20% off of advertising in Google Shopping. If you take advantage of this discount, you will receive more impressions and clicks while maintaining the same ad spend. On the other hand, by reducing spending, you can save on advertising and get increase sales.

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What happens if you take up to a 20% discount from a Google CSS partner?

By applying the discount to your current Shopping campaign settings, you’ll feel improved performance as if you raised your bids by 25%. Your Shopping ad impressions and clicks will increase, or it will display at more lucrative positions.

This effect may have a different effect on different sellers

As you can see in the graph, the effect of the applied discount depends on where you find yourself on the curve. If your bids are optimal, this up to 25% increase will be most appealing to you. Conversely, if your bids are too low or too high, you will feel minimal change. What can you do in this case?


If you find yourself on the left side of the graph, it means your bids are too low for the competitive environment you’re in. (For smart bidding, CPA is too low or ROAS is too high.) Google CSS partner discounts may not help in this situation. In order to be able to compete with other sellers and ads, you will need to slightly raise your CPC bids (respectively, increase your CPA or decrease your ROAS for smart bids) in addition to applying a discount.


On the other hand, if you are more on the right of the graph, your bids are most likely too high, and the impact of the Google CSS partner discount will not be very noticeable neither. Therefore, we recommend that you lower your CPC bids (or lower your CPA or increase your ROAS for smart bids) while taking advantage of the discount. This will give you a sufficient discount effect on your ad performance. If you do not modify these bids or goals, you will experience increased spend, but it will not be reflected in your ad performance.

Take advantage of a discount to improve the performance of your ads today

In this blog, we’ve shown that taking advantage of the Google CSS Partner Discount may have a different impact on each merchant. However, in every case, this impact is positive and will help you increase the volume of your Shopping ads. So why not take advantage of the discount today?

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