You can now use RSA globally with new tools – What is it?

Responsive Search Ads (RSA) that Google has beta-tested for almost a year, are finally available to all advertisers and all languages. Moreover, there are two new tools to make your work even more efficient.

Through machine learning, RSA formulates relevant and effective messages for your potential customers. From up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions, it automatically creates different ad variations and observes how users respond to them. This leads to finding the right combination to help you reach more new leads.

In our older blog you can learn what RSAs consist of and what do they offer.

RSAs have already shown interesting results during their test period. Google reports that Trovit company has increased web traffic by 44% and conversions by 43% thanks to RSA.

To make your work with RSA even more efficient, Google also introduced two new tools:

  • The Performance column helps you evaluate the expected performance of your creative ad assets against other assets of the same type. From that you will obtain a rating – low, good or best. We recommend deleting the low-ranked assets and get inspiration from the best-rated ones when creating the next ones.
  • Ad variations now include RSA, which means that you can test any ad variation and see its expected performance.

In addition, you can create and edit RSAs through Google Ads Editor, the API inteface, and the mobile app.

Try the best practices

Because RSAs work with machine learning, they may need some time to get enough data to evaluate the best practices and create ideal ads. To help you get the best performance for your ads, we encourage you to monitor and optimize your Ad strength.

As we have long been emphasizing, automation is extremely important in the world of online ads. Not only does it help you save time and money, it also generally makes all processes more efficient. Therefore, if you choose to use RSA, link them to smart bidding to help you achieve your goal easily.

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