5 most common mistakes in Google Ads

We all make mistakes. What matters is whether we learn from them or evaluate them as unimportant and continue to repeat them. But you can also learn from the mistakes of others. It’s not different in the world of Google Ads. Read the 5 most common mistakes in creating your ad copy so you can learn from it before you do it yourself.

Undoubtedly, designing the ideal ad copy is challenging. There is no universal guide by which the best advertising could be written. However, there are elements that should not be missing in it, and there are also mistakes that some users have already learned from.
It can only be a faint vocabulary game that will affect efficiency and low conversion rate. However, some of the errors may even cause Google to evaluate your ad as inappropriate and will not display it. These are the most common errors users make when advertising their products:

1. Using characters in inappropriate places

This is one of the features that Google Ads has in its publishing policies in order to improve the Google service itself. For example, there is excessive or intermittent use of capital letters (SHOES, SHoEs). Another limitation is, for example, the spelling of words, where different symbols are shown between the letters (s-h-o-e-s). However, it also involves repeating words or punctuation or using emoji (!!! SHOES !!!). In these cases, your ad may be ranked inappropriate and will not be displayed by Google.

2. Phrases too vague or incomprehensible

If you use too vague or incomprehensible phrases, this may be another reason that Google won’t show your ad. Therefore, it is not recommended to write very general ads that have a low content value or contain grammatical errors. Excessive use of abbreviations is also not paying off, because your ad may be incomprehensible.

3. Lack of CTA (call-to-action) phrases

Call people to do some activity. If you sell something, use a few words to guide people to do what you want them to do. For example, “Find the right shoe size on our website!” or “Buy without waiting in the row.” or “Click for even more products.” The creativity is not limited here.
However, make sure that the CTA phrases really concern your offer and that your potential customers on the site really find what you offer them.

4. Too many keywords

Keywords are undoubtedly an important element of any ad. But potential customers are interested in more than that. Not to mention that they may also be too general. Try to create content, sentences that tell your potential customers the context. Not just recurring empty phrases composed of keywords where people don’t learn anything.

5. Forgetting about the behavior of your customers

Like various other groups, buyers also have their own specific behavior that you should follow if you want to succeed with your ad. Think like them to make your ads more effective.

Focus on what users want. If they are looking for a product, they probably want to solve some of their problems. If they search for shoes, they probably have the old ones torn, they want to find something that will match them with the new clothes, or they want something to walk comfortable in. Try to find issues that your product will help resolve and formulate ad copies based on them.

Customers are also looking for different benefits. Do you deliver your products for free? Do you provide a long-term guarantee? Do you extend the return time? Let your ad know about what makes you better than your competitors. Potential customers will appreciate it.

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