5 reasons why it is worth using responsive ads

Need to save time while increasing the performance of your ads? Google Ads is constantly adapting to its users and it is also, for example, by creating ads. Just insert different variations of the text and Google Ads will combine them thanks to responsive ads to make your ads as effective as possible.

We’ve introduced responsive ads to you in one of our older blogs. They were created to adapt to the different types of demand, content and size of screens. They work on the principle of customizing ads, based on previous user activity, combining different titles and descriptions. If you still hesitate to use them, here are five basic reasons why you should definitely give them a chance.

1. Easy setup

Your only task is to insert the required texts for the headings and descriptions fields. In addition, you add images or logos and landing pages. Google Ads will do the rest of the work for you.

2. Save time by inventing different combinations

If creative combinations are your weakness, you will surely appreciate Google Ads’ willingness to help you in this area. As mentioned in the older blog, responsive ads will automatically combine these elements to find the right and most effective variations to attract potential customers.
This saves time by testing various manually created combinations, which may not obtain an adequate response.

3. Placement on multiple surfaces

Responsive ads will automatically adjust to different areas on the web as well as across different devices. This means they have more potential to appear in different places. For example, they may appear on the smartphones as pure text ads, on the content network with a video or image.

4. Possibility of using new features

In February 2019, Google introduced new features to enrich your responsive ads.
The first is a possibility to use 30 second video assets. You can upload up to five videos and they behave in the same way as other elements in responsive ads. They will be combined depending on their success in each ad.

The second new feature is a combinations report that will help you determine the reach and performance of each combination that Google Ads has automatically created. You can then be inspired by the most successful ads when you create new ones.
Last but not least, this is the “Ad Strength” tab. This feature can estimate the potential of your ad before it is published. It does this based on the number of unique headings, images and descriptions. In addition to evaluating your ad, this tool will also give you tips on how to improve it before publishing it.

5. Increase reach

In addition to responding to time and money, responsive ads will also help you increase your ad’s reach. All this by creating unique combinations and tracking their potential among users. Obviously, by creating the most powerful combinations and at the same time being able to place them on different web sites and devices, your reach will also increase.

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