• BlueWinston Update 1.69.0

BlueWinston Update 1.69.0 – What new features have been added?

As part of the new update of the BlueWinston tool, we bring you several new features that will simplify your operation and functionality of BlueWinston:

1. Added scripts for Smart Shopping campaign

Until now, scripts have only been enabled for text campaigns, but with the new update, you’ll be able to use the following scripts in Smart Shopping campaigns to improve your campaign performance:

  • setting a maximum cost per acquisition (maxCPA)
  • automatically increasing your campaign budget
  • automatically excluding products
scripts BlueWinston

2. Advanced Dashboard

The dashboard where we can view and evaluate the performance of campaigns has been moved above the list of campaigns. Also 4 new statistics were added, such as Cost, Conversion Rate, Cost / Conversion Rate, and% Roas. The dashboard can be filtered by time, as it was in the previous version.

new statistics bluewinston

3. Reports in campaign list

The user can view the reports directly in the list of campaigns, while new reports of products (ad groups) and keywords include:

reports in campaign list
  • directly in the report there is also the option to turn on / off the campaign
turn on of off the campaign0
  • filtering according to various criteria
  • mass switching on / off of products (ad groups)
turn on of off the campaign

4. Possibility to copy Ad Patterns

To simplify the creation of advertising texts, it is possible to copy Ad Patterns from another campaign.

5. Number of eligible products in the Smart Shopping campaign

Currently, the user can check in the Smart Shopping campaign (in quick preview) how many products are eligible. Until now, all products from the Merchant Center have been uploaded to the campaign, but from now the campaign can be created only from eligible products (products approved by the Merchant Center).

BlueWinston Update 1.69.0

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