Even more effective advertising with the new Gallery Ads format

Introduced on Google Marketing Live 2019 in May this year, Gallery Ads is a new, visually interesting advertising format for your products. The beta version is available to advertisers in 11 languages but soon will be available in many others. Why should you care about this format?

Gallery Ads, inspired by Facebook carousel ads (or multiple images on Instagram), is a new format for advertising on Google Search. The goal of this update is an even more user-friendly approach to advertising.

Emphasis on visual and interaction

It is a format based on visual content. Your ad appears on smartphones as a series of four to eight images of your products, between which you can navigate by swiping left or right. Each image can have its own description up to 70 characters, which means that it does not have to be a series of the same products. Google then combines these products based on search queries and user experience.

This format is even stronger for being placed above Google Search results as well as other text ads. However, this also means that you will need to increase your bids to win in the auction against the other text ads you continue to compete with.

You pay for a click, but also for a swipe

By default, advertising in this format continues to be charged as a cost per click on the ad (or one of the images). However, you will also be charged for swiping if someone swipes through at least 3 images from your ad (the price is the same, whether it’s 4 or 8 images).

New format as a response to changing environment

With this innovation, Google is adapting to the changing environment – the need for automation and the growing number of smartphone users.
Gallery Ads is an automated format – it composes your ads based on a search query and optimizes them according to user experience. Automation offers countless benefits. At the conference where this format was introduced, the need for automation was constantly emphasized. It is estimated that up to 30% of the agencies may disappear in the coming years unless they automate their processes.

On the other hand, it recognizes the need for more interactive ad formats for smartphone users. When Google had started, Search could only be used on computers. However, times are changing, and the number of smartphone users is steadily increasing, so it is important to engage with them via an innovative format. Gallery Ads is the solution.

Available for 11 languages globally

As of August 2019, the beta version of the Gallery Ads is available for 11 language versions, and although they do not include Slovak or Czech, it is expected that these languages ​​should be included soon.

It is undoubtedly an innovative and profitable solution to build your brand and bring your products or services even closer to your potential customers. If you can, you should include them in your advertising to make it even more engaging!

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