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Global Launch of P.Max Campaigns in Microsoft Ads

As of March 5th, Performance Max campaigns are globally available within Microsoft Advertising (previously in open beta). This new type of campaign, also known as P.Max, provides you with the opportunity to utilize cutting-edge artificial intelligence for efficient management of your campaign.

What are Microsoft Performance Max campaigns?

Performance Max represents a new type of automated campaign designed to leverage Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies to increase conversion rates. By defining your campaign goals, providing assets, and inputting signals, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence takes over the dynamic creation of ads across various Microsoft Advertising platforms with the aim of achieving optimal results.

How do Performance Max in Microsoft and BlueWinston complement each other?

The Performance Max campaign utilizes Microsoft’s automation and artificial intelligence for optimization, while BlueWinston not only automates campaign creation for the Microsoft Ads environment based on e-shop product feeds but can also automatically optimize them according to certain rules.

For e-shops, combining the strengths of BlueWinston and Microsoft Ads can lead to highly efficient advertising strategies with this type of advertising.

What makes BlueWinston Performance Max campaigns different?

While the campaign type remains the same, BlueWinston allows you to supplement or modify certain parts. One such feature is the option for extended product filtering in ad groups, meaning greater control over content. Another feature reduces the time you spend on campaign optimization by automatically increasing the budget or automatically pausing underperforming products in the campaign.

Of course, if you only want to automate the creation of campaigns and prefer to optimize manually, BlueWinston allows you to view reports at the product level and pause underperforming products either in bulk or one by one. This option exists in Microsoft Ads as well, but it is much harder to configure and simply time-consuming with a high number of products.


To take advantage of the combined power of Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaigns and BlueWinston’s automated campaign creation and optimization, simply link your Microsoft Advertising (MAds) account to BlueWinston. This step opens the door to leveraging the advanced AI capabilities of both platforms, radically transforming your approach to online advertising.

This way, you can not only use the best performing campaign type, but also easily create and optimize campaigns to bring you the most profit. You can get BlueWinston for free for 30 days, we will give you a voucher worth up to €400 for Microsoft, and you can feel free to test the platform and campaigns with minimal investment.

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