• How to create Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaigns in BlueWinston

How to create Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaigns in BlueWinston

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to create Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaigns with a few extra features in BlueWinston.

We will explain the main advantages of BlueWinston MS Ads P. Max campaigns. As a result, you can achieve higher-performing campaigns than if you created and optimized them in your Microsoft Ads account.

Creating a Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaign

In the list of campaigns, click Create new and select Microsoft Ads Performance Max Ads:

List of campaigns

The next step will check if P. Max campaigns can be created for the Microsoft Ads account. There are two options here:

1. If the creation of P. Max campaigns is not approved for the Microsoft Ads account, the following message will appear. Please ask us to approve the Microsoft Ads account.


2. If the creation of P. Max campaigns is approved for this MS Ads account, the following message will be displayed. You can click Continue:

Click to continue

General settings

Choose the Merchant account you would like to use the products from, the country where you will advertise, and the campaign name. Then click on Save & continue.

General settings

Campaign budget and bidding strategy

Enter a daily campaign budget (we recommend at least €10 for every 500 products). In our experience, it is better to start with a bidding strategy Maximize conversions first.

Campaign budget and bidding strategy

Once you have at least 60 conversions in the last 30 days, you can switch to the Maximize Conversion Value bidding strategy. If the results are good, after 2-3 weeks you can turn on ROAS targeting as well.

Asset Groups

In the next step, you can create one or more Asset Groups. You can divide the products in your campaign into separate Asset Groups, for example, by category, price, or brand.

Asset Groups

In the next step, you can set up the filtering of products in a given Asset group.

Filtering products

The BlueWinston PPC tool provides advanced options for filtering products into MS Ads P. Max campaigns. This is one of the main features of BlueWinston and therefore there are multiple options.

You can choose one filter or several, depending on what products you want to select for your campaign. For example, you can use 3 filters at the same time, such as filtering by category, brand, and price.

If you want to use all products in the campaign, you don’t need to select any filters and you can skip this option by clicking the Save and Continue button.

Filters can be divided into three groups:

1. Filtering by attributes – filtering by attributes (tags) from the linked Merchant account – e.g. by category or brand

Filtering by attributes

2. Filters for price and margin – filtering by price (from, to) and margin

Filters for price and margin

3. Words in product names – filter by words that must or cannot be in the product name in the campaign

Words in product names

Once you’ve set up your filters, you can click the Refresh button in the preview window, located in the top right corner, to check how many products you’ll have in your campaign.

In this case, there are 509 products in the campaign, of which 196 products can be advertised. In total, there are 2016 products in the Merchant account.

You can also click on the Quick preview button to see what products are filtered in the campaign (the preview will show the first 200 products in the campaign).

Automatic scripts

In this section, you have the opportunity to simplify the optimization process by using scripts that are able to automate some of the work for you. There are currently three scripts, two of which pause products at high CPA and one script can automatically increase the budget.

If you prefer manual optimization (pausing products and increasing the budget), you can skip this step and move on.

  • Automated calculation of CPA – we recommend dynamically calculating the price per acquisition as a % of the product price. You can check the CPA values (as % of product price) in the preview by clicking the Refresh button. We recommend setting it to 20%, possibly according to the margin you are willing to give per order.
Automated calculation of CPA
  • Automatic Budget Increase – if this option is selected, BlueWinston will automatically increase the budget in the campaign by the specified value if the defined ROAS is reached and the budget has been spent within the last 7 days. You can change the amount by which the budget should be increased, as well as the ROAS that the script should take into account.
Automatic Budget Increase
  • Exclude (pause) products – if this script is selected, BlueWinston will automatically pause products if they meet the parameters set in the script (e.g. the product had a higher spend than the calculated margin)
Exclude (pause) products

This is the last step in the campaign creation process. You can click Save & continue.

Your Microsoft Ads Performance Max campaign is ready!

The campaign is automatically uploaded to your Microsoft Ads account and launched, or you can pause it in the Campaign Overview and launch it later.

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