• How to deal with Low Performance in Product - Group Text Ads Campaigns (Using Per Partes & Keywords Match types)

How to deal with Low Performance in Product – Group Text Ads Campaigns (Using Per Partes & Keywords Match types)

From our experience, every keyword in product campaigns need at least 10 – 20 clicks for one conversion. But when you use more match type for keywords, they can cannibalize each other – and also clicks are divided into more keywords – so it is harder to optimize.

Keywords Match types

We recommend to use only Exact match type in Product – Group campaigns – because we want the same search terms users to search for, to be the same they will land on your search result page on eshop.


Exct match type with permutation



And also use our feature Per Partes for keywords and AdGroups, so keywords and AdGroups are enabled gradually from longest to shortest.

Per Partes for keywords in Product campaign

Per partes in Product - Group campaign

How to deal with Low Performance – Best Practices

Correct Product name

The correct product name is the Alpha and the Omega also in case of text ads in Google Search since when we stick to certain rules and specific order in the creation of a product name, it will ensure us the simplest and high-quality creation of keywords for displaying product ads in Google Search.

Switch off Per-Partes

If is there low performance after 2 weeks => switch off Per partes in BlueWinston (Keywords creation). Wait some time and you will see results.

Create also Product – Group campaign (non-brand)

If still is there low performance, create also Product – Group campaign (non-brand), so in this campaign will be only keywords without brands. And the use of course Per partes.

Switch off Per-Partes in Product – Group (non-brand) campaign

When still low performance, switch off Per partes in the non-brand campaign.

Try Phrase match type

You can add Phrase match type – this can be risky, so please be very careful. But can deliver interesting results.

Create decent text ads

There are some tips on how to create ideal text ads for products – we recommend at least 2-3 Ad patterns and Google will rotate them and prefer better.

Use Scripts and Rules

For better optimizing of product campaigns – and to save a lot of your time – we recommend to use our Scripts and our Rules a) automated rules for campaigns using Manual CPC, b) automated rules for campaigns using Target CPA.

Ideal product structure in XML feed

Maybe you are asking, how should be structure in the XML feed. It is very simple – we are able to process any usual product XML feed, for example, the one you are using for Google Merchant or price comparisons.


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