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Google is still looking for ways to make the work easier and save time for a lot of marketers. That’s why you might be happy that based on feedback there have been new features added to Keyword Planner, and the existing ones have been updated.

Keywords are an important part of advertising. They will help to bring your ad to the eyes of those who might be interested in it. Therefore, the Keyword Planner is one of the must-have features of Google Ads. It will help you discover other appropriate keywords for your business and also inform you via statistics what is the forecasted performance of keywords you use.

If you are already using the Planner for a long time, you may have noticed that Google has introduced a number of updates to make your work even easier. If you are just thinking about using it, maybe these updates will convince you that it is really worth it.

Even more seed keywords

Perhaps the most important new feature in Planner is the ability to use up to 10 seed keywords when you want to search for more, new keywords. For example, if you sell things related to outdoor equipment, you include, among your initial keywords, hiking shoes, functional clothes, and so on. Based on these new keywords will be searched for. You can search for ad group ideas in addition to keywords.

Trends in keyword performance

If you are interested in trends in keyword performance, you will surely enjoy this update. It brings even more detailed reports on how individual keywords behave and how they perform over time. You can track this in the monthly range. This allows you to estimate which keywords are worth using and how much traffic can potentially drive to your website.

Groups of ideas and keywords

You can sort keywords into groups to have them organized. For thematically related keywords, they will be organized automatically.

Save ideas to existing campaigns

If you find new keywords thanks to Planner, save them to existing campaigns. You can also create plans for future use in campaigns.

Suggested budget

The Keyword Planner will also help you plan your budget. The suggestion will be based on the maxCPC bid and forecasted keyword costs. As a result, you can plan a more comprehensive budget for your campaigns.

Competitive Value Column

Learn how your ads will be competing with the keywords you use. This feature will help you optimize your ads so that you do not waste your budget unnecessarily if you do not have a chance to compete.

Google team is really working hard to help you save time and money, and these new/updated keyword creation features are no exception. But beware! Even though Keyword Planner is very helpful, it’s not the only thing you should focus on when creating campaigns. Campaign performance depends on many other factors, such as ad text, bids, or targeting settings. Remember, therefore, to cautiously work with them as well.

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