Recommended columns as new feature in Google Ads

When running different campaigns, you can easily lose track of which columns in Google Ads you have and are actually using. Therefore, Google has introduced a new feature, recommended columns that will help you to highlight recommended columns in your profile to help you manage your campaign.

The recommended columns were introduced by the end of March and are already operational in all Google Ads accounts. This feature is designed to suggest columns that you should use to help your campaign. These columns are based on your campaign and account specific settings.

Google shows the functioning of the recommended columns for bid automation settings. For this setting, you will see the recommended column “Bidding strategy type”. This will free up the space of a compulsory column with the same name.

It is up to you to decide whether to use it and add it as a permanent column or ignore it. Alternatively, you can disable this recommendation, so it does not display anymore. The decision is yours.

You can recognize the recommended columns by blue underlining. As users, you have the option to choose whether you want to keep the feature on or off. It will be on by default. We recommend keeping it turned on, as it can make your work easier and especially your campaign management.

Leaving this feature on allows you to easily monitor whether all columns required for your Google Ads work are turned on.

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