Responsive search ads got new format

Up to three titles and more space for description! Responsive search ads got by the end of the September a new format. Let´s have a look, what you can expect.

Responsive search ads (RSA) are a result of mechanism, which combines the most successful titles and descriptions for an ad. As an advertiser, you can create up to 15 possible titles and 4 descriptions, out of which Google will create the best combination in real time and show it to users.

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Google is constantly working on bringing RSA to as many languages as possible. Meanwhile it also introduces improvement for those already available. Most recently, these ads will be composed of up to three titles.

Also, second description has been introduced and it can be composed of even more characters. Instead of the original 80 characters, Google will now use two descriptions, out of which each may have up to 90 characters.

If owning an account in different language, do not mourn

RSA were in testing BETA version during the last summer. Since then, they have been launched for various languages. At the time RSA are available for English, French, German and Spanish accounts.

Although Google believes to make RSA available for all the languages, this process will take some time. Therefore, the upper mentioned benefits – more titles, second and expanded description – are also available for standard text ads (formerly known as expanded text ads, ETA)!

Standard text ads are available for you. Get the best out of them!


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