Three fall updates for Google Ads – What’s new?

The big fall updates in Google Ads touched up to three areas – call-only ads, reports, and recommendations. We have prepared a summary of these new features and their brief introduction, so you know what to expect…

Call-only ads have gotten a new layout

If you don’t know them yet, call-only ads are used to encourage potential customers to call you. They can do so with just one tap on their smartphone, right in the search results. These ads have gotten a new layout this fall. Only your phone number appears next to the handset icon as your headline. The name of your business and the call to action will be displayed below the phone number.

The new layout is designed to give your potential customers a better experience and more quality calls for your business. With this change, ads outstand other text ads.

The new layout, according to Google, has already shown the first results“advertisers who used it received an average of 14% more calls, 16% more phone conversions, and higher cost-effectiveness due to a 8% decrease in total paid clicks.”

All call-only ads will be converted automatically.

Easier cross-account analysis

If you own multiple Google Ads accounts, tracking multiple reports can be a complicated matter. Respectively, it could be, because it’s already past. The manager account’s Report Editor now lets you analyze data from multiple Google Ads accounts in real time.

Until now, you could only analyze the available information by downloading individual reports. With this update, however, you’ll be able to do this in your browser – using custom tables, segments, or charts.

Although the feature is currently limited to managers with less than 10 accounts, Google states that this number should increase in the near future.

Improved and clearer Recommendations

To make them even easier to use and more beneficial, the Recommendations received several updates at once:

  1. Improved keyword Recommendations

Firstly, we have here renewed Keyword Recommendations, which will also include the broad match modifier. They will show only if there is potential to increase traffic beyond the keywords currently in use.

  1. New view for Recommendations

Now you can follow your recommendations in a new, clearer view – the table. In addition to clarity, the new format has the advantage of prioritizing recommendations that have greater optimization opportunity or seeing how the Quality Score will change after applying the recommendation. You can also work with this spreadsheet in Excel.

If you’ve already got used to the old format and you prefer it, you can switch back to it (and if necessary, back to the table).

  1. Bulk usage and rejection in manager accounts

The latest change for Recommendations is that you can accept or reject them at the manager level with just one click. Especially those who take care of multiple accounts at once will appreciate this new feature.

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