Why you should create Smart Shopping campaigns via BlueWinston.com?

Smart shopping campaigns for products in the e-shop

This is the type of ad you can create in Google Ads, linked to your Google Merchant account. A common practice is to upload your product information (feed) in your Google Merchant account. The Google Merchant account must be linked to your Google Ads account where you create a campaign and set up product filtering. Setting up a Smart Shopping campaign offers only basic options.

To make Smart Shopping campaigns faster and more efficient, read the benefits and expanded capabilities that is Blue Winston bringing to you.

In the first phase, Blue Winston brings you the ability to filter campaigns and products based on any tag in the XML feed, in contrast to the usual options for creating Smart Shopping campaigns in Google Ads.

Filtering products in Smart Shopping campaigns via Blue Winston

You can also use Blue Winston to filter products by:

1) price ranges – only products in a certain price range (price from to) will enter the campaign

2) margin ranges – only products with margin from to will enter the campaign

3) sale price ranges – only products with a discounted price from to will enter the campaign

Example: This means that you can only select products of the selected brand for your campaign, plus a discount and a margin. In particular, this may mean that only Husqvarna products with a discount of more than 10% and a margin of at least 35 € will enter the Smart Shopping campaign.

In the CEE region, there are approximately 87% of e-shops that do not have a Google Merchant feed

And it is often not easy to prepare or generate such a feed. We’ve also thought of this, and Blue Winston brings you the ability to use an ordinary product XML feed that doesn’t fit the Google Merchant feed structure! Just paste your regular feed (which you use for price comparisons) and Blue Winston will make it a feed for Google Merchant.

In the second phase, we will launch the possibility of optimizing Smart Shopping campaigns. This means that it will be possible to switch products on and off based on their performance, directly through the Blue Winston tool.

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