Boosters: How we advertise books and authors through BlueWinston

Boosters - an online performance agency led by Martin Bulák and together with Jana Mešťanová they manage Google Ads campaign. The agency focuses on advertising strategies through various platforms, including performance PPC campaigns in Google search.. A problem that we had to solve In the case

Performics: How we achieved ROAS 5000% with Product text campaigns through BlueWinston

Performics - a global marketing agency focused on performance campaigns. A team of experts from 57 countries that use local knowledge of the markets and with their many years of experience brings great business and marketing results for their clients. The specialists at Performics Slovakia bring not only expertise and a focus on

ANAG: How we achieved 1700% ROAS from BlueWinston campaigns

ANAG - publishing and educational company ANAG has been operating on the Czech market since 1990. It organizes professional seminars and publishes professional publications and magazines. ANAG's products are mainly in the areas of labor, wages, insurance, economics, taxes, accounting, human resources, labor and business law. The problem we

Samsung case study: How we use BlueWinston product campaigns

Samsung - a brand that delivers innovation and TOP products for the home (smartphones, tablets, headphones, smart watches, TVs, washing machines, dryers and accessories). It sells its products through its partners as well as through its own eshop. Starmedia - media agency that focuses on media communication for brands. It

Why & How To Use Custom Affinity Audiences | (+3 proven strategies)

Every successful ad needs the right audience to thrive. You can create the most engaging and innovative campaign, however it’s less likely to succeed unless you target the right audience. Google’s solution is targeting your desired audience by allowing advertisers to refine their audience reach based on a number of factors. One

Case study: Results from using the Image Extension via BlueWinston

During November we tested a new feature in BlueWinston, namely creating images for the Image Extension. The advantage is that BlueWinston creates one or two images for each product (ad group) to be used for the Image Extension. You can read a more detailed explanation of what Image Extension is here.

What ROAS can you expect in different segments?

Through BlueWinston, you can create product campaigns for Google search. Such campaigns are especially suitable for online stores, as they help advertise hundreds or thousands of products very effectively. In BlueWinston, you can also set how to create keywords and ads for each product in the campaign. Quite often we come across questions

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