What are Unique Product Identifiers and what is their purpose?

Unique product identifiers, also known as UPIs, specifically define and distinguish products in the global marketplace. Each product has its unmatchable UPI that is designated by the manufacturer. These special pointers help to match customer’s search queries with the seller’s (your) offer. What does it mean? Every single product has its unique identifier that helps

Google, Türkiye’de Alışveriş Reklamlarını kaldırdı. Bu durum nasıl çözülür?

Google, Rekabet Kurumu’nun (RK), Alışveriş Karşılaştırma Servisler‘ine eşit davranması gerektiği yönündeki kararının ardından, 10 Ağustos itibariyle Türkiye’deki alışveriş reklamlarını kaldıracağını duyurdu. Rekabet Kurumu, Google’ın genel arama hizmetleri ve reklamlar için yapılan algoritma güncellemeleri ile diğer şirketlerin faaliyetlerini zorlaştırdığını söyledi. Şubat 2020’de Rekabet Kurumu, arama motoru pazarındaki hakim durumunu kötüye kullanarak, ülke içindeki online alışveriş hizmetleri pazarındaki rakiplerin

Optimization Score: What does it mean for your ads and how high should it be

With analytics tools, you can observe the performance of your ads, whether they are bringing you new leads and sales, or what is their potential in the future. Optimization score is such an analytical tool directly in Google Ads and it’s available for free. Analytics tools are important for anyone who chooses to promote

Special characters – create keywords with or without diacritic marks

We have added brand new feature - from now on you can create keywords with or without special characters (diacritics). You can also choose to create both. Here you can see how are created keywords with special characters (with diacritics) And here you can see how are created the same keywords but without

How to increase the conversion rate on your eshop?

Clients often come to us with a question about how they can increase the conversion rate in their e-commerce. In this article, we'll look at a few factors that can significantly affect your conversion rate. So what to implement in your e-commerce to increase sales and profits? We will point out a few tips that

TV Shopping retailer achieves over 1000% ROI with Google Shopping

How BlueWinston helped? Using the BlueWinston tool the agency was able to convert source XML feed into feed for Google Merchant. Then they were able to create segmented campaigns based on smaller categories. After some testing the agency decided to run one Smart Shopping campaign, which helped to increase performance. Smart Shopping campaign

Did you know you can advertise on Google Shopping Ads for free?

Recently, in our article we informed you that Google is going to help small and medium online merchants with product advertising on Shopping tag for free. Till the end of April in USA, and a few days after that in many other countries around the world, there is an opportunity to advertise your products

Which segments were most affected by the Covid-19 situation in Slovakia?

Covid-19 coronavirus is the main topic these days. It is also no exception in connection with the question of how this situation affects e-commerce in Slovakia. Since March, most people in Slovakia have been staying safe in their homes, and they only go out if necessary. This is precisely the consequence of changes in

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